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Ron N.: As usual friendly professional staff & "incidentally” Dr. Pearson is a DARN GOOD dentist! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

John M.: REGULAR CLEANING WITH THERESA As usual she was very caring as well as being very thorough in her profession. I would not hesitate to recommend her when the occasion arises.

Gordon S.: Great experience! I was very happy to get back to good care. Even if it's a little farther to get there. I was well worth the time.

Teresa T.: Best dentist and staff! I’ve never been to such an amazing dentist office. Dr. Pearson and his staff are absolutely amazing! I’ve had several bad experiences growing up and Dr. Pearson and his staff made me at ease. They’re extremely understanding and sensitive to my feelings. I will continue to go here as long as they’re around!

Mildred S.: Satisfied senior. Dr. Pearson and staff have competently cared for my dental needs for about 10 years. They have extended care to me a senior beyond expectation or requirement. I am happy to recommend Dr. Pearson and staff as a very good local dental office.

Jeanette M.: Excellent cleaning hygienists as well as dentist. I have sensitive gums and they all take care to make my teeth cleaning less stressful. The hygienist I just had actually took her lunch hour early so I could come in later than scheduled. I really appreciate this office team going the extra step to serve their clients. I would highly recommend this dentist. He is honest and won't try to push or sell you to do something unless he truly thinks you need it.

Roger F.: Thorough cleaning and pleasant office setting. All the folks I encountered are friendly and competent.

Chin M.: Many thanks. I have been with Dr. Pearson for many years he is very good and responsible. Lately Dr. Pearson put crowns and bridge on my five dental implants they work very well and I am very satisfied.

Pamela H.: A 5-star dentist! Dr. Pearson makes it almost a happy occasion to visit the dentist. He and his staff are friendly patient and professional. He never suggests unnecessary procedures. He always explains options for treatment and what he recommends. He's cute!

Catherine J.: I've been with Dr. Pearson since he opened his practice and I continue to find him to be a great dentist – kind patient a good listener smart and up to date in the best dental practices. He's also got a great sense of humor! You have to forgive him for all the moose and cowboy imagery in his office decor -- he loves the great western outdoors! Truly a great human being -- I highly recommend him.

Dayna W.: Teeth bright and clean! Teresa was awesome. Gentle and thorough. Would highly recommend her for your next teeth cleaning. Love this dental practice.

Ellen M.: Great care --as usual! The usual high standards from customer service to dental care.

Irene C.: Attention to detail appreciated. I saw Dr. Pearson to complete a tooth implant and his attention to detail made me feel really confident.He wanted to make sure that he got the latest technology and the perfect fit and color. So impressed

Louise B.: Appointment for a Cleaning. As always this once every six month visit was extremely pleasant. Great staff. Lovely office. Too bad they don't do massages...

John K.: My New Dentist Should Be Your New Dentist!!! This was my first appointment with Dr. Pearson. I was scheduled for a cleaning but the night before my appointment I had a mishap in which a bridge was knocked out. Dr. Pearson was willing to change course on the fly and address the most pressing problem which was that I now looked like a hillbilly. He made me aware of all my options and offered a creative approach to the problem. We calmly discussed the alternatives settled on a solution and I walked out with a new tooth. We rescheduled the cleaning. While I was there I overheard him dealing with a very fearful older woman with complete compassion. He put her at ease laid out her options and came up with a plan she was happy with. I was left with the inescapable conclusion that Dr. Pearson cares a great deal about his patients wants what's best for them and actually enjoys being a dentist.

Matthew W.: Great experience. Dr. Pearson and his staff are fantastic. He is a very personable guy and makes the whole experience about as enjoyable as it can be. I am a new patient to his practice and would definitely recommend him to anybody seeking a new DDS.

Linda M.: White Teeth. Had my teeth cleaned and annual X-rays etc. Laurie did a good job making my smile white. I even got to see Dr. Todd for a short exam. Thanks for helping me keep my teeth healthy!

Cara H.: Consistently great! I really appreciate Dr. Pearson and his staff. I went in for my cleaning and they didn't push taking x-rays although mine were 1.5 years old. Never pushy for services. Always on-time. Always pleasant. I'm so happy I found Dr. Pearson's practice. My entire family goes here now.

George R.: Awesome Experience Every time!!!! They get me in and out quick. Laurie is amazing!!!. She gets it done and is great at it.

Terri M.: The quality of care from the office staff dental hygienist dental team and Dr. Pearson is the best. It makes you feel like you're in the best hands.

Adelia C.: As always my visit to Dr. Person's office was great! Marty was and always is very detailed. She knows how to be friendly and professional! Always love the decor...even after all these years!

Gary B.: The cleaning was efficient painless and the office is state of the art -- what more could you ask of your dental experience? I was 100% satisfied with my service from both the dentist and his staff. I will recommend him to all my friends.

Michael S.: Best Dr. ever this guy is great. I’m terrified of going to the dentist but it was great. I got pretty stressed out about the needle but he was very gentle and worked that topical stuff so well I didn’t feel a thing (except numb). He doesn’t mind if I prefer loud music to the lively discussions most other dentists seem to demand.

Susan R.: Not my favorite thing to do but…The cleaning I got from Marty at Dr. Pearson's office was the best cleaning I've ever had. She was gentle yet thorough. She was very professional yet also personable. She chatted but not too much so I got out of there in under an hour. She dug into places way back in my mouth that are almost impossible to reach telling me how I can take better care. All in all though it's not fun this visit was by far the best I've had. Highly recommended...

Kenneth B.: As a child I dreaded going to the dentist as I'm sure did most kids. And there are times in my adulthood that I have been less than thrilled about having to have dental work. But since I started with Dr. Pearson in 2012 (I had moved and he was highly recommended by a colleague) I almost look forward to going to the dentist! The clerical staff is both efficient and friendly the hygienists are excellent and make suggestions that have been really helpful his assistant Janet makes you feel welcome and is very competent and Dr. Pearson is not only professional but friendly sensitive and personable.5 stars!!!

Shirley D.: While I am a bit dentophobic I am always happy to visit Dr. Pearson and the people in his office. The office is clean and comfortable the staff friendly and professional the service is excellent and Dr. Pearson and his staff provide excellent competent care. Thanks to all of them.

Patti H.: I am a new patient - 2nd visit and am very pleased! The dental hygienist (Laurie) was very personable and made the experience pleasant. Hard to use the word "pleasant" when describing a dentist visit :-)Todd Pearson is also pleasant and gentle.

Stephanie F.: Excellent work

Martin Z.: Everyone was very nice and professional. I'm a new patient and was treated so well during the first visit and that was impressionable! I had an early appointment. There was a staff meeting that laid out the plan for the day. I thought that was great. Further I like that I can get a text message to remind me of my appointment.

Ray H.: Always a great job!

Donna M.: I just experienced my second visit to Dr. Pearson's office. My husband and I went for our first exam about a month ago. In the meantime I chipped one of my front teeth. I was able to get an appointment right away and was very satisfied with the repair. The office is like being in a cabin in the woods. The staff is very friendly and organized. Makes for a pleasant experience.

Karen W.: This was my first visit to Dr. Pearson. Usually a frightful uncomfortable or downright painful experience this dental visit was the complete opposite! The assistant who cleaned my teeth was the most kind and gentle person who has ever done so. She even said she would go slow with the cleaner thing because I have sensitive teeth! Usually I'm rushed as fast as possible. And Dr. Pearson is super down to earth explains more than a dentist ever has and truly has no agenda to push just offers you his knowledge on what he sees and his recommendations. He was even open to talking with me about possible alternative ways to heal a cavity! A DDS who doesn't scoff at holistic medicine?! I will definitely be back here.

Jean D.: always good thorough and complete.

Paddy P.: Such a friendly and efficient dental office! Dr. Pearson is a dedicated professional punctual and just a great guy who is downright likable! I trust him.

Chris P.: Just returned to Todd & Co. this year via PPO after suffering through two different atrocious dentists and borderline billing fraud last year in an HMO that tight finances forced us to opt for. Pay the extra for a PPO and immediately get onboard here. I've been to a couple dozen dentists in my lifetime and none approach Doc Pearson in his knowledge and chairside manner. The hygienists and office staff are first-rate too.

David B.: Mine was a last minute need and I was promptly and effectively placed into a spot the same day and seen right on time. My situation was quickly and accurately identified. You provided me with an immediate and tested reference and then made all of the arrangements.

Jim B.: Quick efficient effective pleasant professional

Bill D.: Once again I had a perfect experience in your office. Marty is the best hygienist I have ever had clean my teeth. Your staff is wonderful. Your office is exceptional and the care is the best.

Joanne H.: This is my second visit. Office has nice decor for a dentist office. Staff is personable and friendly. Came in for a cleaning and hygienist is through and careful. Appreciate the discount for cash customers without insurance.

Charles Y.: This is a terrific dental office. Thorough and professional with no sales stuff. In my experience the sales stuff and/or not being careful and complete is the biggest issue in many dental practices. This is a very good office no reservations.

Judith S.: My experience so far with this dental facility has been excellent. Thorough work hospitable and friendly no waiting and evaluation of dental health honest. One comes away with the strong impression that it is a health service and not a business.

Sophia R: We came in to see Dr. Pearson because my daughter thought she had a hole in her tooth. He comforted by letting her know it was just a deep recess and no cavity. He didn't insist on any further unnecessary procedures. She left feeling much relieved.

Nicola G.: I really enjoyed talking to Todd about traveling and his rustic feel to his work space is very comforting! He also really seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Thomas L.: 5 stars for Dr. Pearson and his staff; friendly caring and competent.